Writ Labs is the top Website Development Company in Mohali, and it has made a name for itself by providing high-quality web design solutions and ensuring 100% client satisfaction. We specialize in developing functional websites that are suitable for all types of devices. We use the most up-to-date tools and technologies, such as HTML5, CSS3, Photoshop, MEAN or MERN Stack, and others. In addition, web development services have expanded at a quicker rate than other software-related vocations, and it may assist in gaining a better grip on the local market.

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Fullstack Development

At Writ Labs, our full-stack development services include the front end and back end of the website. As a Full Stack development company in Mohali, we ensure that our developers are always there to assist you with needed expertise, identifying roles and responsibilities with associated challenges.

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frontend development
Front-end development

It is also called the client-side framework and the user-side framework that focuses on the user-facing elements of a web application. Front-end frameworks include React, Angular, and jQuery.

backend development
Back-end development

It is also called a server-side framework and focuses on handling requests, managing databases, and processing data. The back-end framework includes Express, Laravel, and NextJs.

Work Methodology of Writ Labs

Writ Labs is dedicated to providing an innovative and comprehensive variety of Web Development services under one roof. As a firm, Writ Labs promises to assist its clients all around the world by focusing on the proper customer segment. So far, thousands of projects have been successfully turned over to clients by using the following approach:

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    We look at your company, goods, and services to get a clear picture of your brand and provide you with an estimate.

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    We build designs with a futuristic perspective in mind, concentrating on the target demographic and stressing the greatest possible representation of your business.

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    To turn the accepted drawings into a functioning model, our professional developers use the Scrum technique. This level involves both frontend and backend development.

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    A multitude of tests, including functionality tests, compatibility tests, performance tests, and others, are conducted before the website is released to guarantee that it is bug-free and operates as expected.

Why Hire Full-Stack Developers from Writ Labs?

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    Fast Delivery: The number of individuals needed to build a website or web app is decreased when a full-stack web developer is hired, resulting in a quicker turnaround.

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    Versatile: In addition to working with backend technologies like PHP and Node.js, our full-stack engineers can also deal with front-end technologies like HTML and CSS. They are experts in online and mobile app development due to their extensive database and server management experience.

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    Facilitate Time and Cost Saving: Professionals from Writ Labs help reduce time and costs while enhancing the functionality of websites and web apps.

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    Flexibility and Adaptability: At Writ Labs, we have a professional team of developers who are remarkably adaptable to the needs of your evolving projects.

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