Flutter Vs React Native? Who is 2023, King?

Nidhi Bindal Jan 4, 2023


With the introduction of technology and the creation of Mobile Apps, the development of the world was significantly impacted. There are 7.33 billion phone users worldwide or 91.53% of the world's population. With the rate at which technology is developing, people are constantly looking for new solutions that will save time and effort while producing quick results.

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Flutter and React Native

Flutter and React Native were the two main hybrid frameworks that were considered for cross-platform mobile app development in recent years. Additionally, each of them is widely used and has seen a notable increase in popularity. A study with 20,000 participants was done by Statista (2021), and Flutter replaced React Native (acquired position in 2020) as the most popular platform. Other frameworks like Cordova, Ionic, and Xamarin also came into the competition.


What is Flutter?

It is a framework that is open-source and is a Google product. In comparison to conventional methods, it facilitates the quicker and simpler development of mobile apps. Dart is a reactive programming language used by Flutter. The web is undoubtedly a flexible medium, but flutter is best suited for creating web applications like PWAs or SPAs that extend the functionality of mobile apps to the web. 2 million developers have already used this framework, and 5 lakh plus developers do so each month.

What is React Native?

Developed by Meta Platforms, Inc., React Native is a free and open-source JavaScript framework. It essentially aids developers in producing mobile apps as it offers a fundamental framework for the application. The ground setup is therefore not a concern for the developers. React Native enables code reuse, which speeds up development in general.

Difference between the Two: A Performance Comparison?

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    Developers believe Flutter to be the simpler option because React Native is built on JavaScript and it is not the simplest of languages, but if you are knowledgeable about it and have a clear strategy, you are unbeatable.

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    Flutter, in contrast, is user-friendly for developers because Dart is considerably simpler to understand and use. However, React Native has the drawback of being a little slower than Flutter. This occurs because React Native's paradigm calls for a bridge to allow communication between JavaScript and native user interface elements and device-specific components like Bluetooth, sensors, cameras, and other components.

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Undoubtedly, we are aware that developers choose both React Native and Futter, and they are so frequently utilized, thus, they have gained immense popularity. The developer (user) or company must decide on one of the two, to use. Because whether you create a native app or not depends on its intended use.

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