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Prince Dhiman March 17, 2021


In today's market, tools like google analytics provide a ton of insight and information about our website however it is important to focus on the most important metrics that significantly boost the SEO rankings. Let's look at some of these metrics

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    Organic Traffic

    This metric represents the number of users our site attracts purely from organic searches. A good SEO strategy revolves around increasing a website's visibility in search for keywords related to it's business. It is important to note that organic traffic measures traffic from ALL search engines. If your SEO strategy is good, then the organic traffic should steadily increase over time.

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    Core Web Vitals

    These are a set of performance metrics that help Google in determining a webpage's overall user experience. These are LCP(Largest Contentful Paint), FID(First Input Delay), and CLS(Cumulative Layout Shift). Tools like Google Page Speed Insights not only displays the score of a website but also provides detailed suggestions on how to improve the scores with the estimated improvements resulting from those suggestions.

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    Bounce Rate

    This metric represents the percentage of visitors that land on your website and leave without navigating to another page. It simply conveys whether your site's content and user experience is in line with what a user expects. Bounce rate can be lowered by improving the site's content as well as performance.

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    Referring Domains

    It represents the different number of websites that link to your website. It is different from a backlink. Google puts less weight on backlinks from the same site. A good content marketing and link building strategy will significantly improve the number of referring domains and hence increase the SEO rankings of the website.

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    Indexed Pages

    It represents the number of pages of a website that Google has indexed. Lots of pages with duplicate content will deteriorate a website's technical SEO. It is important to prevent indexing balooning and only index the pages you want to get indexed. It may take weeks for those pages to get removed from the index so it should be kept in check from the development stages itself.

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    Average Click-Through-Rate

    The percentage of users that view your site on Google and click to navigate to it represents the CTR. The more CTR a website generates, Google moves it up in their rankings for the relevant keywords. The goal should be to work on and improve the title and meta description tages of a webpage which directly helps in increasing the CTR.

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