Benefits of using NextJs

Hemant Kaushik March 16, 2021


Next JS is a Javascript framework built on top of React that helps in creating powerful web applications with static and server-side rendered pages. Going into 2022 this is the most used React framework. Let's look at the various benefits that this framework provides us.

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    Server Side Rendering & Static Site Generation

    Server Side Rendered pages are served a fully rendered HTML pages to the end user by the server. Statically Generated Pages are constructed during build time of the application and served as is. A SSR and SSG application loads faster han a single page javascript application like a traditional React App. Search Engines can easily index and crawl the webpage content which provides a better and much more consistent SEO performance.

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    Great Developer Experience

    Next JS as a framework, provides developers with many built-in features like styled-jsx, Automatic Image Optimisation, Automatic Code Splitting among many more that cut down development time, boost ease-of-use and SEO metrics without needing to spend extra time tweaking it.

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    Data Security & PIPA compliance

    Client-side-rendered applications require data to be fed directly to the browser in the form of JSON, which forces the backend to send private data that is not used by the client. The benefit of SSR here is that the information itself remains on the backend and never gets sent to the client.

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    Minimal Configuration

    Next JS applications provide automatic optimizations, compilation, bundling and code-splitting which helps the developers to focus on the business logic. This directly results in faster time-to-market. It is a production focused framework.

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    SEO and UX

    For business owners and marketers alike, Next JS applications provide a increased conversion rate, SEO efficiency and unique user experience which ultimately translates in the growth of the business. It provides a huge improvement over React only based applications.

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